100+ TOP Sri Lanka GK Questions and Answers

1. When did Sri Lanka become independent?
a) 4 February 1948
b) 30 June 1942
c) 4 July 1956
d) 2 December 1971

2. How was Sri Lanka formerly known?
a) Burma
b) Ceylon
c) Formosa
d) Nyasaland

3. Which strait separates Sri Lanka from India?
a) Palk Strait
b) Davis Strait
c) Johore Strait
d) Cook Strait

4. Which is the capital of Sri Lanka?
a) Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte
b) Trincomalee
c) Batticaloa
d) Colombo

5. Which is the currency of Sri Lanka?
a) Taka
b) Yen
c) Rupee
d) Baht

srilanka quiz Questions

6. Which is the longest river in Sri Lanka?
a) Cauvery
b) Padma
c) Amban
d) Mahaweli

7. Which is the highest point in Sri Lanka?
a) Adam’s Peak
b) Pidurutalagala
c) Kirigalpotta
d) Godwin Austin

8. Who was the Portuguese captain who landed in Colombo in 1505?
a) Vasco da Gama
b) Francisco de Almedia
c) Lourenco de Almeida
d) Pedro Alvares Cabral

9. Who was the first Dutch governor of the Dutch territory in Sri Lanka?
a) Sebald de Weert
b) Jan Thijssen
c) Adam Westerwolt
d) Gerard Hulft

10. When did the British conquer Sri Lanka from the Dutch?
a) 1796
b) 1815
c) 1848
d) 1776

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